In the world there are several races of humanoids, beasts, and creatures. While most are not highly-intelligent, sentient races, most of the ones listed here are. The list is split into two categories: the Civil Races and The Rest.

The Civil Races

Those that belong to the Civil Races can be found anywhere where things are living; however, most are concentrated to the Kingdom of Fortune. The term is used to describe (as a whole) the civility and diplomatic nature between the races and factions within those races. Ironically, this term is used by The Rest as well, as they are aware of their fickle loyalty and warmongering nature.

Races are predominately Neutral (NG, LN, N, CN) and lean (or wish to believe they lean) more towards Good rather than Evil.


Humans are the the second-most populous race of the Civil Races, with Gnomes being the first. Humans, however, are expansionists by nature, and as a result, their influence in the World is vastly greater than that of Gnomes.

The main bulk of Humans live in the Kingdom of Fortune, however Pepper Coast and Ras Island are also largely inhabited by humans. Nomadic tribes of brutish, less-Fortunate Humans can also be found colonizing in The Giant Lands, often with members of The Rest.

While alignment is spread throughout Good to Evil & Lawful to Chaotic, most Humans tend to favor neutrality. Some brethren at the extreme ends of the alignment spectrum have given Humans a bad reputation of being greedy zealots and/or power-hungry fanatics, but this by no means represents the whole race.


As mentioned above, Gnomes are the most populous of the Civil Races, but their influence and presence are not spread far. Gnomes prefer familiarity when it comes to their surroundings. While they are not opposed to venturing outside of their home and exploring, at the end of the day they prefer to be in comfort and presence of their family. This territorial nature has confined almost the entire race to the city of Halfgnome.

Gnomes are distant cousins of Halflings, and as the Gnomes say, “are the more sophisticated and developed race.” They are slightly stockier and have a few inches on the Halflings, and they are much more intelligent and wise as well. Their love for learning and tinkering with gadgets, has made many-a-Gnome quite profitable if their inventions are practical enough (Gnomes create many impractical gadgets.)

Socially, they tend to drink wine and “sophisticated” spirits, and despise hard liquor, beer, and ale (though they will occasionally sip on mead if it is sweet enough and is in a casual atmosphere.) They prefer to wear tall, pointy hats in bright, bold colors such as green, blue, or red. Gnomes are self-conscious about their height around Tall-folk, which is the cause for such tall hats, to make them appear bigger.

Gnomes are creatures of friendship and good-will, but they are also creatures of principle, so most are of Neutral Good alignment.

The Rest


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