Geography and Locales

The known world is divided into two continents: Northern and Southern. These continents are separated by a 3-mile-wide passage of water known as the Strait of Snails, but a land-bridge does appear every so often unpredictably (click the link for more info).

The Southern Continent

Other names include: The South Continent, SC, The Inhabited, Our Continent


The Northern Continent (Uninhabited)

Other names include: The North Continent, NC, The Uninhabited, There-Where-No-One-Lives, Northern Kingdoms

The Northern Continent (NC) is, for the most part, a giant, useless rock. And because of this, there are no known colonies or permanent inhabitants.

Weather: Icy in the northern extremities, but humid and stormy mostly everywhere else. Lightning is common in the inner portions of the continent, and is thought to be the main reactant in the mineral formations.

Other: Due to the mountainous qualities of the land, there are rumors of vast mineral deposits (of substantial worth) far inland. While it is possible to travel to the inland portions by foot or a medium-sized riding animal, transporting a lucrative supply of minerals back has not been accomplished. Mining guilds and ambitious entrepreneurs are constantly trying to find a safe route to and fro the minerals which has been dubbed the Mineral Passage.

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Geography and Locales

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