Located at the southern-most region of Fortune, Calsimi is one of the few successful port cities left in the world.

Quick Facts

  • Population: City-size; Approx. 24,000; growing at a rate of 320 per year
  • Religion: Free Choice
  • Main Trade: Generium
  • Leader: Baron Cal Calsimi
  • Government: Plutocracy
  • Military Presence: Strong (243 full time guards, 2102 conscriptable)

Calsimi is a bustling city full of trade and expansion. While it dabbles in all forms of trade (even a rumored slave trade), it’s main trade is Generium. The city is located at the southern tip of Calsimi’s Pass a region known for its growth of Generium, and is the only place in the known World where Generium grows.

The city of Calsimi, by the genius of its leader, Baron Cal Calsimi, has established several Generium processing camps along the large river that flows through Calsimi’s Pass. These camps send barges full of Generium directly down the river to Calsimi where it is further processed and traded.

Baron Calsimi has a monopoly on the export of Generium, due to his ownership of the entirety of Calsimi’s Pass. Furthermore, there is no path safe & economically feasible enough for a caravan to enter into the region, except through the Gates of Calsimi’s Pass. While there are no actual “gates,” there are guard posts that impose a tax toll to enter and leave Calsimi’s Pass depending on what is being traded.


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