Located between Lake Talbert and the Thunderhead Mountains in the northern portion of Fortune.

Quick Facts

  • Population: City-size; Approx. 83,000
  • Religion: Free Choice
  • Main Trade: Generium, Farm Crops
  • Leader: King
  • Government: Monarchy
  • Military Presence: Strong (555 full time guards, 7735 conscriptable)

Tavington is the capital-city of Fortune. Diplomats from all of The Civil Races congregate here to do conduct political doings. Because of this, it is known as the cultural center of the kingdom. Despite it’s size and expansion, Tavington is not the trade capital of the kingdom, however, as that title goes to Calsimi.

Founded by Talbert Tavington a thousand or so years ago, the capital (at the time) was a very centrally located city and was the epicenter for trade within the kingdom. With the founding of Calsimi around 200 years ago, and the advent of Generium processing, however, the kingdom’s trade focus shifted south.

With the trade capital now the farthest from a central location as could be, the major cities called for the formation of the Township Alliance.


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