Calsimi's Pass

Nestled in the lower portion of Fortune, Calsimi’s Pass has made it’s mark on the world by being the only known region of Generium growth in the world.

This strip of land, owned solely by Baron Cal Calsimi, the current ruler of Calsimi gets its namesake from being the only safe & economically feasible entryway to Calsimi. Furthermore, the two rocky ranges and rough terrain on either side of the pass, really give a sense of “passing through.”

The main mode of transportation through the Pass is by barge down the Township River. It takes approximately 1 to 3 days (depending on several factors) to travel to and fro the Township Alliance and Calsimi.

There are no roads through Calsimi’s Pass due to the extreme heat and unforgiving terrain—loose sand and jagged rocks.

Calsimi's Pass

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